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ISF-Certified, Reference Quality, 6500K White Bias Lighting From Only $14.95! Free FedEx 2-Day Shipping in the USA.
ISF-Certified, Reference Quality, 6500K White Bias Lighting From Only $14.95! Free FedEx 2-Day Shipping in the USA.
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for every bias light!

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Award-winning accuracy

The MediaLight Mk2 Bias Lighting System is a breakthrough in accurate professional and residential home theater bias lighting that will actually make your TV look better without harming image accuracy. That's not just hype. Our lights are used in virtually every major studio and post-production facility because professionals know that inaccurate lighting effectively uncalibrates a display from the viewer's perspective. See why The MediaLight was just awarded AVForum's Editor's Choice Award

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You'll never want to watch TV without it again!

Finally enjoy watching movies on your TV without eyestrain and without having to worry about whether your lighting is accurate. Eliminate distractions, such as glare from lamps, or low CRI light sources that result in an inaccurate image. You won't find a more accurate solution anywhere, and it's all certified by the Imaging Science Foundation.

How to set up bias lighting the right way

The industry standard in bias lighting

Reference Quality

Our bias lights are custom built to exacting specifications with SMD light emitting diodes of the highest quality and accuracy

MediaLight Reviews

"Ultimately, the MediaLight Mk2 Flex might the simplest, cheapest and best upgrade you can make to your home cinema setup."

Steve Withers AVForums.com

"Simply put, the MediaLight Mk2 Flex does the job exactly as it says it will. I measured the performance with CalMAN and an i1Pro2 spectrometer, and it was right by the D65 white point and had the broadest spectral response of any light I have measured to date."

Chris Heinonen, Reference Home Theater

"[MediaLight] does its work better than anything the competition currently has to offer."

Ben Patterson, TechHive.com

Medialight Flex Mk2 Bias lighting system (is) the easiest $60 to $100 bucks I could recommend that you spend for your home theater, especially if you’ve taken the time to calibrate your display. Highly recommended!

Indiana Lang, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

Professional colorist Ollie Kenchington explains the benefits of accurate simulated D65 bias lighting from MediaLight

Inaccurate lights = inaccurate image

Inaccurate lights = inaccurate image

You painstakingly calibrated your display, so why would you "uncalibrate" it with inaccurate lighting?

The MediaLight was developed by Scenic Labs, the publishers of the Spears & Munsil Benchmark. We realised that nobody was making a decent bias light that was affordable and that offered the high CRI and accurate CCT (correlated color temperature) needed by professional colorists and high-end home cinema hobbyists.

Get serious about bias lights
Everything that you need is in the box

Everything that you need is in the box

It was important to us to make The MediaLight as accurate as possible for professionals while being easy enough for home consumers to install on their TV’s.

You don’t need any tools. There is nothing to solder, no wires to cut, and there is nothing more to buy. (An optional MagicHome WiFi dimmer is available, but it's not required to use MediaLight).

●High CRI and Super-High CRI light strips (≥98-99 Ra, depending on the model)

●USB AC Adapter (runs off of the USB port on your display or TV). Eclipse includes a 4ft USB extension

●5V infrared PWM dimmer, compatible with universal remote controllers, IR bridges and blasters

●Infrared Remote control (compatible with universal remotes like Harmony) for all but the Mk2 Eclipse computer monitor model, which includes an in-line dimmer

Recent MediaLight Bias Lighting Reviews

Several clients have complimented us on how great our room looks, and the MediaLight is a big part of that.

Mark W.

Superior product. Customer service was outstanding. Due to the size of the TV, I had to wait for my 2 sons to come home for Easter to pull the TV off the wall mount and lay it face down on bed. When I had a question, MediaLight support helped me on EASTER to get it done. Installation was easy. Light is fed from USB port. Lights comes on and off with TV on and off. Great look.

Richard S.

Everything about Medialight's products is top notch. They have a great product, that feels super high quality, the temperature of the light is great, the wiring and switches is excellent, and the remote works really well to fine tune the brightness. I won't buy another bias light for any application.

Justin S.

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