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Why isn’t MediaLight sold on Amazon.com?

Why isn’t MediaLight sold on Amazon.com?

You will notice that we do not sell MediaLight on Amazon.com. We personally buy a lot of products on Amazon, like printer cartridges and books, but a lot of the things that work for commodity products aren't compatible with a niche product like The MediaLight. 

We don't take decisions, such as not listing our products the world's largest retailer, lightly. However, Amazon was recommending incompatible accessories that could damage our bias lights and allowing our listings to be hijacked by sellers of other products. 


Assuming you were actually able to buy a  genuine MediaLight on Amazon. If you  connected the Amazon-recommended 12v power supply (below) to an LX1 or MediaLight, you wold have immediately damaged the bias light because our lights run on USB power and the LX1 and MediaLight are rated for 5v.

Of course, we covered any damage from incorrect Amazon recommendations under the MediaLight Warranty, but it was a serious problem. We tried to work with seller support to remove the very ilogical recommendations, but were unsuccessful.  

There were other serious issues, but these were the most damaging. 

These are the kinds of problems that keep managers awake at night, so we brought sales and fulfillment in-house. All of the products and accessories on this site are guaranteed to work with your bias light and are shipped daily from our warehouse in NJ. All of our listings are accurate and you will receive what you ordered. And our website includes a lot of useful information about MediaLight, LX1 and bias lighting in general, none of which we were able to include on Amazon.

You can still pay with Amazon Pay on our website and enjoy some of the same protections that you get when you order on Amazon, but we don't sell our MediaLight products on the Amazon website, and we hope that this helps to explain our reasons why. 

Listings and recommendations vary by country. If you find an international dealer selling on an international Amazon marketplace and want to verify that they are authorized, you can contact us. 

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