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Comparing MediaLight to LX1 Bias Lighting

Would you like to know the difference between Scenic Lab’s MediaLight and LX1? Check out this side-by-side comparison chart. As a bonus, we also included “the other guys!”

The 5 meter length is the basis for this price comparison.

The MediaLight also includes additional accessories, such as an extension cord, an AC-to-USB adapter, an on/off toggle switch and wire mounting clips.  

Both the MediaLight and LX1 Bias Lights use pure copper PCB, which has been immersed in an alloy coating to prevent corrosion. The other guys use a less expensive copper alloy.  Pure copper is the best heat conductor, which is why the warranty is longer for Scenic Labs bias lights.

The warranty for MediaLight is longer because there are more LEDs. Each LED does "less work." Here's a visual representation of how the distance is different between Mk2, LX1 and the other guys.