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BiasLighting.com, a subsidiary of Scenic Labs, LLC, proudly stands as a leading provider of video optimization products globally. Our extensive product lineup includes renowned offerings such as the Spears & Munsil Benchmark, Colorgrade LEDs, LX1, and MediaLight Bias Lighting.

Recognizing the importance of bias lighting in achieving accurate image representation, we have taken it upon ourselves to address the prevalent confusion in the market. By meticulously crafting an exceptionally precise 6500K bias lighting solution, we‘ve created a lighting system that represents the reference standard. 

Although initially catering to the needs of home cinema enthusiasts, our MediaLight Bias Lighting System has garnered significant acclaim from professional colorists and editors. These esteemed individuals, equipped with the necessary instrumentation to substantiate claims, have embraced our solution.

To get in touch with us, kindly complete the contact form provided at the bottom of this page. We assure you that we will promptly respond to your inquiry and provide the assistance you require.