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International shipping


Please read this page in its entirety prior to placing an international order.

FedEx International Priority: Charged at our discounted rates, and free above certain minimum thresholds that vary by country (excluding customs duties and VAT, which are your responsibility). 

FedEx International Connect Plus: Charged at our discounted rates and free above certain minimum threshold‘s that vary by country.

FICP is generally less expensive than FedEx international priority. It takes a few days more but the difference is usually one or two days.in return for the slightly slower rate, FedEx also waves brokerage fees for this rate which means that the overall cost of shipping by FICP is usually very attractive.

If the amount shown at checkout is higher, those are your taxes and fees bundled into the shipping cost. Even though fees are prepaid, there may be customs and other delays beyond our control that cause late delivery. We don’t refund shipping unless we are eligible for a refund from the carrier. If we are eligible for a refund, then we absolutely will refund shipping to you!

If you use a freight forwarder, please understand that once a package is tendered to a freight forwarder, it is considered delivered even if the forwarder loses the item. The vast majority of international shipping problems are related to freight forwarders losing, mishandling and damaging shipments. It happens frequently enough that we want to make you aware of the risks. 

There are also some warranty limitations that apply to freight forwarding, impacting how replacement parts are sent to you, and which do not apply when you use our international shipping option. Read our warranty page for more details.