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International Shipping Policy

PriorityPlus:  Usually under $10 USD, where available. We are pleased to introduce PriorityPlus, our premium shipping option that combines the reliability of FedEx and UPS to offer global delivery within 4-8 business days, excluding occasional customs delays. To ensure a seamless delivery experience, we cover all taxes and customs fees up-front, eliminating any unexpected costs upon arrival. However, it's important to note that despite these prepayments, your local customs office may still require direct communication with you. Consequently, a valid phone number and email address are essential for all orders and shipping methods. We reserve the right to cancel, without notice, any orders lacking a valid phone number or containing inaccurate information.

FedEx International Priority: Enjoy our competitive discounted rates for prompt and reliable shipping.

FedEx International Connect Plus (FICP): Benefit from our discounted rates with FICP, offering a cost-effective alternative to FedEx International Priority. While delivery times are slightly longer, typically extending only by one or two days, FICP excludes brokerage fees, making it an attractive option for cost-efficient shipping.

USPS First Class Mail: Available for select low-cost items, this option is restricted to specific regions. Please note that we cautiously limit postal shipments due to an increased likelihood of item loss.

Comparison and Considerations: While FICP and PriorityPlus usually present a more economical choice than FedEx International Priority, due to their negligible delay and waived brokerage fees, it's important to consider potential customs and other unforeseen delays. Such incidents are beyond our control, and shipping fees are non-refundable unless a carrier refund is applicable, in which case, we will extend the refund to our customers.

International Dealers Network: We collaborate with a growing group of international dealers to provide more buying options. While we encourage exploring local dealer options for potential savings, please be advised that prices may vary and we cannot guarantee lower costs compared to our direct shipping. The choice between purchasing from our website or a local dealer rests entirely with you. 

International pricing and exchange rates are fluid. We assume no responsibility for additional shipping costs incurred should a local dealer offer a more economical solution after accounting for shipping and customs (although, we often find that our direct prices are on par with most international dealers).  For information on our international dealers, please click here

Freight Forwarding: Should you opt for a freight forwarder, it's important to recognize that once an item is in the possession of the forwarder, it is deemed delivered. Unfortunately, freight forwarders frequently misplace, mishandle, or damage shipments. While we no longer ban the use of freight forwarders, we urge you to proceed with caution and awareness of these risks.

Warranty Limitations: Utilizing a freight forwarder may affect warranty claims and replacement part dispatches. For comprehensive details on how our warranty applies in such cases, please consult our warranty information page.