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Authorized MediaLight Dealer List

We offer worldwide shipping, but you can often save time and money by using a local dealer. The Medialight is sold by a small but knowledgeable worldwide network of dealers. 

Some dealers may only carry a portion of our product range. If we don't have a dealer in your region and you are interested in offering our products in your market, let us know by filling out the form below.

At MediaLight, we are committed to ensuring the quality and reliability of our products, which is upheld by our industry-leading warranty service. This standard of excellence is guaranteed when you purchase from a MediaLight Authorized Dealer. Please be aware that we do not authorize the sale of our products through the Amazon 'fulfilled by Amazon' program. Consequently, we cannot verify the authenticity or quality of MediaLight products purchased via this channel.

If you opt to buy from an unauthorized dealer on Amazon, it is important to understand that such purchases are outside our purview of warranty and support services. Any warranty claims or support for products bought from unauthorized sellers will need to be directed to the seller, not MediaLight. The warranty support provided by unauthorized sellers may significantly differ from the comprehensive coverage offered by MediaLight.

For your assurance of receiving genuine MediaLight products that are eligible for our full warranty and support services, we strongly encourage purchasing directly from MediaLight Authorized Dealers. This ensures that you receive products that meet our high standards and are backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Flanders Scientific
Scenic Labs (this website)
B&H Photo

MediaLight Canada

European Union

Flanders Scientific EU

United Kingdom

MediaLight UK

MediaLight Australia

New Zealand
Rubber Monkey


MediaLight China (fulfilled via this website)

Not Authorized
Amazon.com and eBay.com (US) sellers are not authorized and any products purchased through these venues may require additional steps for warranty service. For example, we may require that the item be sent in so that we can verify authenticity.

Counterfeiting isn't a huge problem since, unlike low-quality products, many of our customers have the means of verifying the accuracy our lights with instrumentation. However, some individuals do sell used units as new or older stock as new models. To prevent this, we never heavily-discount nor "blow out" old units before new units are released. There should not be many older units available.