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MagicHome Wi-Fi Dimmer Installation Made (Relatively) Easy

The MagicHome dimmer installation goes flawlessly 90% of the time. For the other 10%, it can be very frustrating, because there can be multiple causes for your issues. 

To save time, rather than trying one thing, and then poking around at a bunch of different potential issues, we recommend addressing every possible issue at once and trying to connect only after those issues are addressed. 

In order to save time, and keep you from spending hours trying to solve an issue, we ask that you do everything below at the same time. In other words, don't try one thing, fail sequentially and try the next. 

If these steps don't work, let's just send you a new dimmer and rule out a problem with the device. OK? Cool!

If the replacement dimmer doesn't solve your issue, then other issues with your network might have to be considered. 

If you know how to add a device to a router, it should take under 20 minutes to do everything here (this includes allowing time for the router to reboot).

1) Reboot your router. This clears memory leaks and hung processes. Many people who’ve added a printer to a Wi-Fi network have experienced this mysterious phenomenon. Unplug the router and let the charge dissipate for 1 minute. Plug it back in and allow it to reestablish an internet connection. 

2) Make sure that the router accommodates 2.4GHz connections. Some routers need to be placed temporarily into 2.4GHz mode to make the initial connection. Many "internet of things" devices require this, so there's likely a setting within the router menu. This is especially likely with some mesh routers, like Eero (although ours mysteriously stopped requiring this step).  If you do see an SSID (WiFi name) like MyWiFI-2.4 use that and not the 5.7 version.

3) Turn off cellular data on your phone. I never realized this, but this is entirely different from turning on Airplane Mode and activatingWiFi. When you turn off cellular data, you prevent the OS and other apps from attempting to contact the cloud when the WiFI is connected to the dimmer (which is not connected to the internet yet). (will include a photo)

4) Use “manual mode” to add the dimmer in the MagicHome App. While the MagicHome app has an automatic mode to find new devices, for the best chance of success on the first try, use the "manual mode." (will include a photo). It eliminates variables, such as bluetooth and network security settings or conflicts. 

5) If you fail on the first attempt, do a cold reset of the dimmer. If you fail on the first try, to avoid any dimmer hangups, you should reset the dimmer to factory mode by unplugging the power end for the USB port 3 times (unplugging and adapter from the wall is not good because the adapters often retain charge for a few seconds) quickly, and then leave unplugged for 30 seconds, to allow all charge to dissipate.  Once you reconnected, it should be flashing steadily. This is good. This means that it is in factory mode. 

6) Be aware of "Ghost Dimmers": If you add the dimmer to the MagicHome App, but then end up having to do a factory reset, the the device will still have an old entry in the app. While you don't need to delete this right away (however, here's a video showing how - coming soon), this device entry will not work again. The secure connection is linked to the previous instance of the dimmer (before the factory reset). When you add the dimmer again, it will negotiate a new secure connection with the app. This new connection will appear as a new dimmer. It will look like you have two dimmers until you delete the older listing. 

For an easier description, if you've ever logged onto a Wi-Fi network at a hotel, you might notice that the network name remains under your saved networks even when you've gone home. You can't connect to it, but it's still there. 

Similarly, the MagicHome app remembers past connections. However, if a dimmer ever needs to be reset, it is now seen as a brand new connection and the old connection, even though the dimmer is the same, is now a ghost dimmer connection. 

If these steps don't work, stop there. Don't ruin a weekend trying to solve this problem, as I've done many times. Contact us and  let's just send a new dimmer and figure out if something else is responsible.