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Sony Bravia bug and bias lights turning on and off seemingly at random when the TV is turned off.

You've found this page because your bias lights keep turning on when your Sony Bravia is turned off.  

The good news is that there's nothing wrong with your bias lights. 

The bad news is that there's a known issue with the TV that has not been (and probably won't be) resolved by Sony (link to GitHub). 

11/14/2020 Update! 

We'd like to thank an astute customer, Josh J., who was experiencing problems that caused his amplifier to click whenever his Bravia turned on and off due to the Bravia Standby Bug.  A review of online forums led him to a fix that, coincidentally, also partially solves the Bravia Standby Bug for bias lights.  Read this short page to understand the bug and find out what the fix will do. 


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You probably found this page because when you power your MediaLight from the USB port on your Sony Bravia, the lights are turning on and off at random when the TV is turned off. It's annoying!

"Don't other brands of lights turn off with the TV?"

No. Other brands of lights turn off only when they are unplugged or lose power. That's what you'd expect. If you unplug a lamp, it turns off.  Plug it in and it turns back on.  The lamp isn't doing anything. It's just lighting up when power is restored.

Every Sony Bravia TV does this. 

That's one reason why we include a remote control with every MediaLight Mk2 Flex. The MediaLight is also already programmed into many smart hubs and remotes including the Logitech Harmony ecosystem.


1) Use external power and program our remote into your smart remote or hub.

2) Or power your MediaLight from the TV, change the RS232C control mode to"serial," and turn the lights off with the MediaLight remote or a smart hub or universal remote

Here are the instructions to change your RS232C port mode to serial. Once completed, the TV will automatically restart. 

Step one: 

Go to the Google menu with all of the apps visible.  You can usually get there by clicking on the "Home" button on your Bravia remote. Select the "Settings" option at the upper right hand side of the screen (this menu may change with future Android TV updates)

Step two:
Scroll down to the "Network and Accessories" section of Settings and you will see an item called "RS232C control." Select it.


Step three:
Under the RS232C control section, select "Via serial port."

Your TV will restart after you select this, and once you've done this, the lights will remain turned on when the TV is turned off.  You can now reliably turn the lights on and off with a smart hub, universal remote, or the remote control that we included with your MediaLight Bias Lighting System. 

Please note: Android TVs sometimes perform actions in the background, such as firmware downloads and reboots, and it is possible that the lights could still turn off on rare occasions, but they will not turn on and off incessantly, will not cause the dimmer to blink and will always be responsive to remote commands. 

So, what this means is that if you own bias lighting that includes a remote there is now a workaround to the Bravia standby bug. 👍