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MediaLight Bias Lighting

MediaLight Mk2 Flex CRI 98 6500K Bias Lighting


Strip Length:
The MediaLight Mk2 Series:
Optimal Lighting For Color-Critical Video Viewing Environments
The MediaLight Mk2 Series was developed to provide an accurate, Simulated D65 “dim surround” bias light solution for the most demanding home cinema and professional video editing applications.

The MediaLight Mk2 Flex combines ultra-high CRI and color temperature accuracy with the convenience and portability of a USB-powered LED bias lighting system. Color-stable dimming and instant warmup ensure that your surround light is always on target.
MediaLight Mk2 Features:

High-accuracy 6500K CCT (Correlated Color Temperature)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) ≥ 98 Ra (TLCI 99)
Spectro Report (.PDF)
Color-stable dimming and instant warmup
USB 3.0 Powered for 5-6m
USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Powered for 2-4m (amperage increases with length)
Included infrared PWM dimmer and remote control (compatible with universal remotes and smart hubs equipped with an IR blaster)
Peel and stick authentic 3M VHB mounting adhesive
USA Adapter included (not needed if a USB 3.0 port is available on the TV). 
0.5m extension included
5 Year Limited Warranty
Recommended for all displays, including High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Size Chart

    For displays larger than 90", where 4-sided lighting is desired, we recommend placing the strip 3 inches from the edge, rather than 2 inches.  This is so that you don't run out of LEDs before you get around 4 sides.


    Ask a Question
    • It states above that the included infrared PWM dimmer and remote control are compatible with universal remotes and smart hubs. What is the integration process with a SmartThings hub?

      It is compatible with universal remotes and smart hubs that are equipped with an IR blaster, and there are IR blasters available for the SmartThings hub.

    • What is the width (i.e. 8mm, 10mm) of the light strip?

      MediaLight Mk2 width is 8mm.

    • how do i start installing the bias light, which side and what end of the cables?

      The power end starts closest to the USB port on the display (or the side closest to the port if it is not on the display). If you need to cut the strip, remember not to cut the power end.

    • Which size do I need? I have a 75” tv in corner of room sitting on top of tv stand. Thank you.

      Please refer to the sizing chart and select based on your preference for lights on 3 or 4 sides.

    • With a 60” stand mount configuration, how far from the edge of the tv is sufficient and should the U be centered as much as possible? I only want to do this once.

      Please view this video and read the installation page, in particular the "upside down U" configuration instructions. You are going to want to start by applying the center of the strip to the center of the TV (about 1/3 of the way from the top in most cases). However, you don't mention the size of the strip that you are using so slightly higher or lower might be better. If it's the 2m strip, the middle of the MediaLight is between the 30th and 31st LEDs.

    • My 85" TV is mounted 7" above a white TV console. Is that high enough to stick lights on all 4 sides, or should I stick to 3 sides still?

      7" is usually sufficient distance for a dim surround.  However, if the white console has a glossy surface, it could cause reflections, and it might be better to omit lights on the bottom of the TV.

    • Will the Mk2 Flex work with a USB 2.0 port?

      We recommend USB 3.0 because it tends to provide more stable power, which ensures steady light without flicker. However, any Mk2 Flex that is smaller than 3m uses less than 500mA.  Our larger units, including the 6m Mk2 Flex will use less than 500mA when dimmed below 50% (the Mk2 Flex 6m uses 950mA at full brightness).  

      If you have a newer display that lacks a USB 3.0 port (hello, LG), but you have two USB 2.0 ports free, you can also use a USB power enhancer to combine the power from the two ports. We can tell you how to add one to your order. However, most people are dimming the lights far below 50% brightness when they set their lights with this reference pattern.

    • I have a 60 inch TV that is wall mounted, but sitting exactly 3 inches below it is an entertainment cabinet holding my center speaker and electronics. The entertainment cabinet is a few inches longer than the width of the TV. Would you recommend a 3 side or 4 side Mk2 flex series light? Thank you.

      As it says on the chart below on the right, we'd recommend covering 3 sides (left, top and right) with the 3m strip.  You typically don't want to illuminate the speaker and gear because of reflections.

    • Buying for 65” oled, which is best? 4 side or 3 side? Why one versus the other?

      As listed on our sizing chart (scroll down on the right), use 4 sides when the display is on a wall mount with nothing beneath it.  Use 3 sides when something would block the light on the bottom part of the display.  Typically, people only put lights on 3 sides when there is a sound bar or center channel speaker beneath the display. 

      You can use a shorter strip when the display is not wall mounted because it's possible to place lights much further from the edge.  So, you have a lot of options, and it depends on the type of stand or mount.  You can always make a larger strip work with more options, but there are limits when using the smaller strips on our size chart. 

    • Can this be powered with with USB 2.0 ?

      Any Mk2 Flex under 3 meters can be powered off of USB 2.0 provided that the source provides stable power. 

      Dimming the lights also reduces the amperage required.  So, for example, a 6m Mk2 Flex running at 50% brightness would not exceed 500mA, but this does not guarantee that the television will power the lights correctly over USB 2.0.  If the lights work perfectly with the included adapter but blink or flicker when powered from the TV, the TV is not providing stable power and we recommend using the included adapter instead.

    • What is the best way to make the 90 deg. turn at the corners of tv with the lighting strip? I just purchased a 3 meter version and I am presently waiting for the LG TV to arrive, so, I thought I would ask?

      The Mk2 Flex is designed to turn corners.  It's a flexible strip that looks like a zigzag.  You can see it on our installation page:

      To turn a corner, just turn the corner.  Nothing else to it.

    • Is this compatible with Google Home or Amazon Alexa? If not, might that be a future upgrade.

      Yes, if you control your TV with a smart hub with an IR bridge like Harmony, you can tell the Alexa or Google Home device to turn the lights on or off, or to adjust the brightness. MediaLight is already in the Harmony database. There are also WiFi dimmers available that work with MediaLight, but our included dimmers perform better, especially when powered by the display's USB.