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Returns & Exchanges: 45 Days to Return or Exchange

We understand that sometimes products may not be what you expected, which is why we offer a return policy for most items within 45 days of purchase. We have a few guidelines in place for product returns. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. 

There are important limitations and exclusions that apply to Blu-ray discs, such as Spears & Munsil and calibration equipment, such as Sync-One2, so please read this entire page to understand those exclusions. 

Because our products are sold by a small network of international dealers, we should also make clear that these are the return policies of this website only. Independent dealers may have significantly different return policies. If you bought from another website, you should review the return policies for that site. However, MediaLight and LX1 bias lighting orders are covered under the MediaLight or LX1 Warranties regardless of where they are sold (please be sure to have an invoice from an authorized dealer). 

If you encounter a problem with your MediaLight or LX1 bias ligthting strip, every problem is covered under our comprehensive 5 year warranty (2 years for LX1)However, perhaps you didn't know what you ordered or returned your TV and no longer need your unopened and unused MediaLight.

Our return policy allows 45 days to return or exchange your MediaLight or LX1, even if it has been installed on a display and removed, cut or modified, but returns are subject to a restocking fee. 

We waive restocking fees for ONLY the first MediaLight or LX1 in an order. This waiver only applies if all cut portions of the bias light are returned. Any missing segments are subject to significant fees. Be sure to include them to avoid being charged. 

If you are ordering a large number of bias lights, please bear in mind that additional units are subject to our regular restocking fees, which can go as high as 30% of the product price. 

To avoid fees, please be sure to send products back in LIKE NEW condition. If a bias light strip has been cut, we require that all portions (the full length) of the MediaLight or LX1 strip be returned. Components such as dimmers, remotes or unused gaffer tape should also be returned. Doing so, will minimize restocking fees that will be assessed. 

There may also be additional fees if only a portion of a MediaLight or LX1 strip is returned.  For example, If a 6 meter strip is ordered and cut and only 4 meters are returned, the price of a 2 meter MediaLight or LX1 will be deducted from your refund. This is not a pro-rated refund. This restocking fee is the full selling price of a strip that is equal to or greater than the length of the missing section. 

In other words, if a 6 meter strip is ordered and 3.5 meters are returned, 2.5 meters are missing and we will round down to 2 meters and charge the SRP for a 2 meter strip. This probably seems like a draconian policy and we apologize that is is, unfortunately, very necessary. But, the good news is that it's easily avoided by returning everything to us. 

Customers are responsible for return postage except in the case of exchanges.  Shipping charges associated with your initial order are not refunded unless an item is not received. If an item is not received due to a failure to pay any local storage, customs duties or taxes owed by the recipient, no refund will be issued. 

For bias light strip products like MediaLight Flex, Eclipse or LX1, multiple lights should not be cut into shorter sections, have their adhesive peeled or removed or otherwise altered in any way. If you are unsure if you might return one of our strip light products, we recommend testing the LED strip lights prior to mounting and installation. We offer FREE gaffer tape that you can use to test the strip without peeling the backing, and you can use the gaffer tape and still get a refund. Also, the gaffer tape can be used for permanent installations that allow you remove the lights more easily and without residue in the future. 

You don't need to provide a reason for a return, but doing so:

1) May expedite your refund as it saves us some time in testing the returned item.
2) May allow us to solve your problem if the return is due to a malfunction or installation issue. 

Please contact us to receive a return merchandise authorization number (RMA) to write on the package. Unauthorized returns are not accepted. Outbound and return shipping are not refundable.

In order to receive a warranty replacement. you must have a valid order ID. If your bias light was a gift, please obtain an order ID from the gift-giver, or be able to provide the name and approximate date of the order. If we are unable to locate a customer or order ID, we are unable to honor warranty claims, although we will exhaust all efforts to link your lights to an order. Please work with us here. We want to cover your product under our warranty, but must be able to verify that the warranty is in effect.

"Can you tell how old a product is from the model number?"

To some extent, yes, but we cannot tell if the product in question has already been replaced under warranty. Some people sell their replaced units for parts. These already-replaced lights are not covered under warranty because the warranty has shifted to the replacement unit. 

"If I don't have the original packaging, can I request a replacement and then send the replacement back in the replacement's original packaging?"

We don't send replacements in original packaging unless packaging is destroyed during transit. 

In keeping with industry standards, Blu-ray discs and packaged media, once opened, are ineligible for refunds, but are returnable for merchandise credit.  Downloads are ineligible for refunds. Defective or damaged discs are always eligible for exchange. 

All bulbs, strips and desk lamps are eligible for free exchanges.

Calibration equipment, such as the Harkwood Services Sync-One2 is not eligible for returns. However, defective discs or devices, such as the Sync-One2 are always eligible for replacement.

All returns are opened and verified. Please allow up to 10 business days for your refund to be processed. 

We appreciate your understanding and hope that you are happy with your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you!