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Returns & Exchanges: 45 Days to Return or Exchange

These are the return policies of the this website only. Independent dealers may have significantly different return policies. If you bought from another website, you should review the return policies for that site. However, MediaLight and LX1 bias lighting orders are covered under the MediaLight or LX1 Warranties regardless of where they are sold (just be sure to have an invoice from an authorized dealer). 

If you encounter a problem with your MediaLight or LX1, every problem is covered under our comprehensive 5 year warranty (2 years for LX1)However, perhaps you didn't know what you ordered or returned your TV and no longer need your unopened and unused MediaLight.

For bias light strip products like MediaLight Flex, Eclipse or LX1, your lights must not be cut into shorter sections, have their adhesive peeled or removed or otherwise altered in any way. If you are unsure if you might return one of our strip light products, we recommend testing the LED strip lights prior to mounting and installation.

You don't need to provide a reason for a return, but doing so:

1) May expedite your refund as it saves us some time in testing the returned item.
2) May allow us to solve your problem if the return is due to a malfunction or installation issue.

Please contact us to receive a return merchandise authorization number (RMA) to write on the package. Unauthorized returns are not accepted. Outbound and return shipping are not refundable.

In keeping with industry standards, Blu-ray discs and packaged media, once opened, are ineligible for refunds. Likewise, downloads are ineligible for refunds. Defective or damaged discs are always eligible for exchange. 

All bulbs, strips and desk lamps are eligible for free exchanges. 

All returns are opened and tested. Returns of non-MediaLight products in our packaging constitutes theft and are reported to authorities.