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Vizio Remote Control Cross Talk

You found this page because your Vizio TV or soundbar has some cross talk issues with other remote controls, including the controller for the MediaLight bias lighting system. 

In particular, the volume down and the 20% button for the MediaLight can interfere.  Lowering the volume can dim your lights, or dimming your lights can adjust your volume. The lights may also flicker at times. 

This has not posed problems for most customers because, unlike most TVs, Vizio has an option under the user settings called "Turn off USB with TV."

If you select this mode, the lights will turn on and off with the Vizio TV without needing to use the remote control for the lights. 

In this case we recommend one of two options:

1) Place the MediaLight receiver behind the TV so It is outside of the line of sight of the Vizio remote.  You can still use the MediaLight remote buy moving closer to or behind the TV with the remote, however once the MediaLight is set to 10% of the maximum brightness of the display, you really should not ever need to set it again. 


2) Cover the receiver with aluminum foil once you've set the brightness level.  Power from the TV and your Vizio remote will not trigger the lights. 

If your problem is due to a Vizio sound bar and not a Vizio TV (or if you do need to use the remote for reasons not contemplated above), we do offer a different dimmer that you can use with the MediaLight.  It's bulkier than the standard remote.

2023 update: The alternative remote has also been shown to interfere with certain models of Vizio televisions, particularly the M-series. Further evidence of the old saying “if you own a Vizio devicd, every remote control is a universal remote.”

The first and second options on this page still work in this situation, but we are not going to consider looking for other infrared options that will undoubtedly also interfere with Vizio at some point in the future.

Instead, we will focus our efforts on Bluetooth, RF and Wi-Fi controllers. We offer a Wi-Fi option now and with it, use your phone or Alexa/Google Home to control the lights. This option also supports Bluetooth in the absence of a Wi-Fi network.

Nevertheless, In the USA, you can obtain a free alternative infrared remote and dimmer with your MediaLight order. Just request one via the form below or enter a note during checkout. If you request one after you already receive your order, it's still free but you pay shipping (about $3.50 for first class mail).

If this is for a past order, you must include a valid order ID in your request. 

For those outside of the USA, there is a shipping fee of $14 if you are just ordering a free remote. (This is our cost for first class international mail. However, Vizio doesn't sell many TVs outside of the USA, so we don't see this outside of the USA very often).