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How can I install bias lights so that I can still move them to another TV (or remove them easily in the future)?

How can I install bias lights so that I can still move them to another TV (or remove them easily in the future)?

MediaLight and LX1 Bias Lights are backed with 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive. This is strong glue and we made the switch back from standard 3M adhesive in August 2017, when our MediaLight range started falling off the newest LG OLED as well as various new Samsung displays. Quite literally, customers would apply the lights in the evening and wake up to find the lights in a pile on the floor. We realized that we needed to upgrade our adhesive. 

With VHB, this doesn't happen anymore (the adhesive tape is so strong that it's used to attach windows and steel cladding to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai). However, this leads to a lot of questions such as:

"How can I remove bias lights from my TV?

"How can I temporarily install bias lights?"

"How do I move bias lights to another TV?"

"How do I remove bias lighting residue?"

Some people use painter's tape to apply the lights. Others would use electrical tape. We realized that a lot of our professional users were using gaffer tape, which, admittedly, a lot of users at home don't have sitting around. 

Until now. 

In keeping with our goal of constantly evolving our product range, we are now offering free mini rolls of gaffer tape with any MediaLight or LX1 purchase. All that you need to do is add it to an order and the usual $3.50 charge (which includes shipping for standalone orders -- the charge is less than the cost of postage) is waived. 

Click here to get some free gaffer tape with your lights!

We think that gaffer tape is super handy for home theater use, whether it's used to apply bias lights or to help tame out-of-control cables. And for professional users, we think that our mini-rolls are perfect for your backpack, camera bag or laptop bag. At about the size of a roll of electrical tape, it is much more convenient than lugging around a huge roll of gaffer tape. 

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