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MediaLight & LX1 Length Calculator

MediaLight & LX1 Length Calculator

Please select the appropriate options below to determine the correct size bias lighting for your displays

What is the aspect ratio of the display?

What is the size of the display (This is the length of its diagonal measurement)


Do you want to place the lights on 3 or 4 sides of the display (Read our recommendation on this page MediaLight & LX1 Length Calculator if you are having trouble deciding).

This is the actual length that is required:


You should round up to this size bias light (you can round down at your discretion if the actual and rounded measurements are very close. It is usually better to have more than too little):


  • For smaller displays (32” and below) on a stand (not a flush wall mount) you can comfortably round down to a 1 meter strip. Please note that you will not be placing the strips 2” from the edge, but using the “inverted-U” shown on our installation page. 
  • In other cases, you can comfortably round down when the actual required length is only slightly more than the MediaLight or LX1 length. For example, you need exactly 3.12 meters. You could round down to 3 meters in this case, but you’d want to place lights ever-so-slightly further from the edge than the recommended 2 inches. 

Generally speaking, you should put lights on only 3 sides when you have any of the following:

Obstructions - like a TV on a stand when there is nowhere for the light to pass below the TV. Another example is a sound bar or center channel speaker directly below the TV (directly means virtually touching all the way up to a few inches below). 

Distractions - like a mess of wires or a bunch of stuff under the TV (set-top boxes, vases, framed photos, etc). Out of sight, out of mind!

Reflections - If the TV is on a glass tabletop or directly above (within 4-5 inches) a glossy soundbar or center channel speaker, it's probably going to cause glare. Better to omit lights.

4 sides are best when the TV is on a wall mount, but you can't really go wrong with 3 sides. If none of the above apply, you can probably put lights on 4 sides. In the worst case, detach the bottom.