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Summer Schedule: We will be closed from July 22 through July 26. If you need to receive an order during that time, please order before Friday, July 19.
Summer Schedule: We will be closed from July 22 through July 26. If you need to receive an order during that time, please order before Friday, July 19.

Everyone has opinions about what looks good when it comes to bias lighting.
The MediaLight has standards.

MediaLight is certified for accuracy by the Imaging Science Foundation

We build The MediaLight® with the highest quality components and Hollywood professionals and home cinema enthusiasts trust The MediaLight for the optimal correlated color temperature (6500K, and more specifically CIE standard illuminant D65 "video white") and high color rendering index (CRI) required for color-critical viewing. Should you need to replace or repair your MediaLight during the 5 year warranty period, every component of your MediaLight bias lighting system is covered -- even for things like accidental damage or theft.

Our warranty is more thorough than even the most comprehensive extended warranties you might find on other products. How do we do this? We build our products to last and believe that you should get at least 5 years of dependable service from your MediaLight. We require that our suppliers stand behind their components as well. If we replace a part, they pay us back. 

Photo used with permission of David Abrams of Avical.com

"Industry standards call for a bias light behind the display, and with HDR’s higher luminance capability, it is more important than ever to combat eye fatigue.
  The MediaLight system provides an excellent solution for the discerning viewer, minimizing eye fatigue, improving perceived contrast, and enhancing the viewer experience.  Not only do we recommend MediaLight to our customers, but it’s what I personally use in my own home."  

                               -David Abrams, Avical.com

The MediaLight is a ridiculously affordable way to get the most out of your display. These are not the same cheap commodity LED strips that you find on other sites, nor the color-changing lights that are incapable of generating true video white. 

We make professional-level bias lighting products while delivering a much better value for your money.

We subject our ColorGrade SMD chips (surface mount device LEDs) to rigorous testing before soldering them to copper PCB for superior thermal conductivity, and we include everything that you need in the kit for a true "solution in a box."

No tools are required (aside from a scissor, if you are cutting the strips to a smaller size) and you'll be pleased to find that The MediaLight costs less than DIY solutions while offering superior CRI, color temperature and spectral power distribution. (We started as DIYers, so we feel your pain!).

Unlike other LED strips, our bias lighting system offers:

  • Extremely accurate D65/6500K color Temperature (CCT)
  • Exceptionally High CRI (98-99 Ra for the MediaLight Mk2 and MediaLight Pro, respectively)
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty (if it can't be repaired, we'll replace it)
  • Included-in-the-box 50-stop / 2%-increment PWM dimmer
  • Included infrared remote control works with universal remotes and IR-enabled hubs (Eclipse includes a desktop dimmer instead of a remote)
  • Larger, brighter LEDs and 50% more per meter than most strips
  • Copper PCB for superior heat dissipation and longer life
  • Super-strong VHB by 3M adhesive backing
  • Certified by the Imaging Science Foundation
  • Endorsed by Stacey Spears
  • Endorsed By David Abrams of Avical

If this information is mumbo-jumbo to you, the takeaway is that The MediaLight is the bias light of choice of Hollywood’s top studios, moviemakers, home theater enthusiasts, gamers, and sports fans.

The most important endorsement is the word of mouth of our customers who have made our product better through their recommendation of new features over the years.  Be sure to read the reviews and check out the online forums.

We include everything that you need for a professional-quality installation in the box, and if there is something that we didn't anticipate, let us know. We will do our best to solve your unique situation via email, chat or video call. 

The entire MediaLight product product line, from our $32 MediaLight Mk2 Eclipse up to our larger systems, is certified by The Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and trusted by home cinema hobbyists as well as film and broadcast professionals. The only reason to choose one model over another is to fit your TV and mount.