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Spears & Munsil Replacement Filter (Does not work for HDR displays)

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These filters don't work at all, but people still ask for them constantly, so we are selling them again. If seeing is believing, trying the filters ought to convince you that we were telling the truth.

You can also get them for free with any of the Spears & Munsil discs, where they are also included primarily because people complained when we stopped including them! :)

Remember the good old days of CRT displays? These filters were the bee's knees back then. But in today's world of fancy HDR displays, they're about as useful as a chocolate teapot. However, if you're rocking a retro CRT (and somehow hook it up to an Ultra HD Player), you might find a sliver of use for them.

If your TV has a blue only mode, you should use that mode on the TV, and if your TV doesn’t have a blue filter mode you should verify the color saturation by viewing the reference montage on the disc.  Read the user guide for instructions regarding modern HDR displays.

Blue Filter Features:

  • A masterclass in how not to calibrate modern displays.
  • An excellent tool for demonstrating the futility of blue filters in the modern age.
  • Absolutely useless for HDR calibration (but you knew that, right?).
  • We throw them in with the Ultra HD Benchmark disc as a free lesson in obsolescence.
  • Honestly, your wallet would thank you for not buying these.
  • But if you do, remember: NO REFUNDS! (We're serious).

Don't have a Spears & Munsil disc? That'll be $10 for a filter, postage included, carrier pigeon not available. Got a disc? Get your very own filter for just $5.00, global shipping included.

If you own any copy of Spears & Munsil, you may purchase a single filter for $5.00, inclusive of worldwide first class mail shipping. 

We don’t recommend buying it for the UHD HDR disc because it’s not useful for HDR displays. 

If, despite our hopes to dissuade you from buying this filter, you still order it; we remind you that there really and truly are no refunds.