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MagicHome WIFI Dimmer with iOS/Android App (Compatible with Alexa and Google Home)

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  • Description

Vizio IR interference and the Bravia Standby Bug don't have to drive you crazy anymore with this approved 5v WIFI dimmer for your LX1 or MediaLight Bias Light. 

Control the MediaLight and LX1 from your phone, Alexa or Google Home device. No remote controls for the dog to chew apart or get lost in the cushions.

  • Connects via WIFI - NO HUB REQUIRED
  • USB 3.0 required
  • 99 brightness levels plus on/off. 
  • Save shortcuts for 5 brightness levels
  • Nonvolatile memory means that this dimmer instantly turns back on at the previous brightness level even if it loses power, which is great whether your TV turns the USB 3.0 port off or not. Perfect for "set and forget" performance.
  • Set a timer to have the lights turn off or on every day at a time of your choosing
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, 
  • Easy to install: just connect the MediaLight or LX1 to the controller, aim your phone's camera at the QR code and activate the MagicHome App through your wireless network.
  • Supports wifi control from iOS products (like iPod, iPad, iPhone) and Android mobile devices.