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MediaLight Bias Lighting

LX1 Bias Lighting

For as long as we've been making The MediaLight, people would ask us, "why aren't your lights as inexpensive as those other guys?"

We'd say, "accurate, high-CRI lights cost a lot more to build" and "if we were to make something as inaccurate and low quality as competitors, we'd charge a lot less than they charge."

Over the last decade, we continued to make our lights better, increasing our accuracy and CRI every year.

Meanwhile, "those other guys" never got any better. 

MediaLight became the industry standard for professionals around the world, used in virtually every studio in broadcast and film and trusted by colorists for our extreme accuracy -- but we never cracked the home theater market due to the higher price of The MediaLight.
Until now. 

By making some modest changes in specification, we've been able to engineer a high-quality bias light at a much more affordable price. In fact, they cost less than the products that people always liked to compare us against. 
The name of our new brand is LX1.
It features:

•CRI 95
•6500K (ISF-certified for accuracy)
•2 Year Warranty
•USB Power (with the built-in option of using DC connectors)


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