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Introducing LX1 Bias Lighting.

For years, people would ask "why does MediaLight cost more than brand X?"

Our answer was that MediaLight uses superior LED technology and includes more of those LEDs on its strips. We also include a lot of parts (remotes, dimmers, switches, extensions and adapters) that add to the overall cost. 

We always insisted that so-called "cheap" LEDs were actually overpriced and that MediaLight had among the lowest profit margins in the entire LED industry.

We wanted to prove that if we applied our MediaLight methods to a new brand that we'd have the best bias lighting product available at all price ranges. 

And now we're proving it with LX1. LX1 beats the competition on price and absolutely annihilates them (in a friendly way, of course!) on quality. 

LX1 is the only bias light in this price range that is accurate enough to be certified by ISF.

  • CRI 95 
  • 6500K
  • Certified by ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) 
  • 2-Year warranty 
  • 5v USB-powered
  • Pure copper PCB
  • DC connectors and USB connector (compatible with more dimmers than other low-cost LED strips)

LX1 from Scenic Labs, the makers of MediaLight
Check out the LX1.com website.