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MediaLight Bias Lighting

The MediaLight Quad & Quad XL 6500K CRI 95 (for wall mounts)



July 1, 2020: We have a new range of products called MediaLight Mk2 with CRI ≥ 98 (TLCI 99) and a wider range of sizes. The MediaLight Mk2 costs less on a per-meter and accessory basis than the MediaLight Original with better specs. Please check out The MediaLight Mk2 to see if it is a better fit. 

We just introduced a larger Quad called the Quad XL! It's available as an option on this page.

Which version should you get? 
Let's look at the perimeters of popular TV screen sizes:

A 65" TV is 14 feet around  (screen only, not counting bezel)
A 75" TV is 17 feet around.
An 85" TV is 19.3 feet around. 

Original Quad total length: 13.12 feet (4 meters) and includes 122 LEDs
Quad XL total length: 17.25 feet (5.2 meters) and includes 158 LEDs.

(There are 30 LEDs per meter)

If you don't want/need a bottom strip, consider our incredibly slick MediaLight Flex.  It's a single 4 meter strip -- no complex wiring or splitters and it will easily cover 3 sides up to 85". Or use it however you want, after all it's the Flex.

Anyway, back to the Quad:

You might have noticed that if you looked merely at the total length, the Quad and Quad XL don't extend around the entire perimeter of a 65" and 85" TV, respectively. Good catch. However, when placed approximately 3 inches from the edge of the display, you reach close enough to the edges to for an even surround (halo). 

Still don't know which one to choose? In general, the closer your TV is to the wall, the more you want to run the strips from edge to edge because there's less space for diffusion.

If you are 4-6 inches away, the light will fill in the corners even with the smaller Quad on an 85" TV.

Your ideal Quad size correlates 1:1 to how much OCD you have about wanting the dim surround to be just as bright in the corners of the screen as it is on the sides. 

(It's not necessary to extend to the corners evenly for your MediaLight to be effective, but some people clearly prefer it.  The Quad XL is the result).

To us, reference usually beats preference in the home theatre debate, but we realised that we could provide both, as long as we wouldn't have to compromise on accuracy. Don't get us wrong, we still don't think that it's necessary to light evenly for bias lighting to be effective (in fact Joe Kane has argued that uneven bias lighting has some advantages), but our customers spoke and we listened. This is the result. 

It was very important to us that the Quad and Quad XL be able to run off of the same USB 3.0 (this was the second most-popular feature), so we devised a layout that worked without requiring a 12v adapter (we still include a 5v adapter, or you can use the TV's USB 3.0 port).

The MediaLight Quad and XL:

  • ISF Certified - Tested for Color Accuracy
    122 High-Accuracy 5050 SMD chips (LED's) with a 4-way splitter (almost 3x as many lights as our single strip).
  • High-accuracy 6500K CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature)
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 95 Ra (all MediaLight bias lights are now 95 Ra, except the MediaLight Pro, which is 99 Ra)
  • 5V USB Powered (can be powered by any TV with a USB 3.0 port - or use the included UL-listed AC adapter) -- Please note, the Quad XL includes a bulkier international adapter, which works everywhere except South America.
  • Included wire routing clips (to keep things tidy)
  • Included Infrared (Universal remote compatible) PWM dimmer
  • Peel and stick authentic 3M VHB mounting adhesive
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Check out what professional colourists are saying.

Our bias lights are custom built with components of the highest quality and accuracy. We may not be able to make all of your dreams come true, but we can at least solve your bias light problems. Your search for an accurate 6500K bias light ends now.


Ask a Question
  • What is the width if these strips? I'm considering using them along the top of a wall and am looking at putting them in a diffuse channel housing .

    The Mk2 is 8mm.  The older Quad is 10mm.  The Quad has been replaced by the Mk2 line.

  • i have the quad xl but the remote does not change brightnes or colors

    The + and - buttons are only visible at the lowest settings.  The difference in brightness levels for each press is 2% -- too small to be seen when the lights are at full brightness.  You should try the other brightness levels. 

    Please also make sure that you've attached the dimmer.  The remote won't dim the lights if the dimmer is not attached. 

    Lastly, none of our lights have ever changed colors.  The Quad XL is D65 WHITE.  No color changing ability at all.  Check the #1 answer on our FAQ.  Please let us know who told you that these change colors, because they do not. They are proper D65 lighting.

  • Hi - how can I tell whether my tv has USB 3.0? I have an 86” LG 86UK7570PUB

    Virtually all 4K TVs do, and if they didn't you'd want to use the included adapter. If the user manual for your TV isn't clear, see if any of the ports support the playback of HEVC media. UHD Media requires the faster throughput of USB 3.0.

  • I have a Samsung QLED with a one connect box. (no usb ports on the tv). How long is the cord that runs from the light strip to the AC adapter that is included with the MediaLight Quad?

    6 ft plus accessories (dimmer and switch) add some additional slack.

  • I have a sound bar and I don’t want it to reflect any light. Can I leave off the bottom strip

    Yes, you can leave the bottom strip off.  Don’t cut the 4 way splitter, simply leave off the strips that you don’t want to use.  It’s not necessary for the strips to go all the way around.  While some people prefer it, it can sometimes be better to omit a strip if it is going to reflect light directly.  You want to only see light reflected off of a matte wall.  You don’t want an extremely bright reflection off of any other surface, otherwise it can have a detrimental effect on perceived picture quality and could also cause glare.

  • I have a wall mount TV but only 43 inches. Can you clarify the exact length of each strip of the quad kit please?

    The strips for the Quad are are 48 inches x2 and 30 inches x2, respectively.  They can be cut down to size as outlined on the installation page www.biaslighting.com/install, so they can fit your TV perfectly. 

  • Does this fit an 85" TV?

    The Quad XL is designed for TVs up to 95" and runs corner-to-corner (at the recommended 2" from the edge) on TVs up to 85".  The Quad is designed for TVs up to 75" and runs corner-to-corner (at the recommended 2" from the edge) on TVs up to 65".

    You can use a smaller quad if you have more distance from the wall.  If the TV is flush and you want an edge-to-edge halo, you probably want the larger size.