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Mini-Gaff Gaffer Tape

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This product is free when added to any bias lighting order (add your bias light to the shopping cart and you will see the option to add it for free).

We ship our products to home theater aficionados around the world, but our roots are in the film and post-production community.

And one tool that is very popular in film and TV is gaffer tape, yet it's not something that a lot of home users have lying around.

Think of it as duct tape's lesser-known cousin. It sticks to nearly any surface and comes off without leaving a sticky residue.* (However, great care should be taken with painted walls -- it is NOT like command strips and can remove loose paint). However, you can use it to attach your bias lights to your display and use the leftover for cable management.

*Gaffer tape can leave a dry (not sticky) residue line along some edges and after a really long time. This can easily be removed with another piece of tape. 

There are two ways that I use it to attach bias lights:

The no-peel method (taping the lights): Don't peel the red backing off your MediaLight, but use a 2" strip of mini-gaffer tape between every 3 or 4 LEDs. (1” long strips are not long enough -- and some resistant surfaces not yet encountered might require additional strips of tape).

The shadow method (sticking the lights to the tape): Place the gaffer tape where you intend to stick the lights - an outline around the back of the TV. Stick the lights to the gaffer tape. In a few years, you can peel the lights off with the tape.

Both methods work fine, but we're more OCD than most, so we prefer the "shadow method."

If you are like us, you obsess over every detail, including how cleanly you will be able to remove your bias lights in the future. Will it leave a residue? Will the lights be difficult to remove? If these are things that go through your head, add a free roll of mini-gaffer tape to your order and stop worrying. 

You'll notice that we charge $3.50 for our mini-gaffer tape. This includes shipping. However, add it to any bias light order and it's free of charge.

Please note: This is a custom MINI-ROLL, so while it almost appears to be to the scale of a large roll (about the size of a roll of duct tape), this roll is only 1" wide and 10 yards long. It's perfect for attaching bias lights, for managing cables, and small enough to carry around in your laptop case. Gaffer tape rules, and we're excited to offer it for free as another installation benefit.

Alternatively, you can find gaffer tape for between $8-$20 online for a 2" wide 30 yard roll. We made these custom rolls so that we could slip them into orders without driving up shipping costs and because they are more convenient to carry around than huge rolls. 

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Reflects how great this company is

Such a nice addon and shows how incredible this company is