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MediaLight Flex (4 meter) 6500K CRI 95 Bias Lighting System

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July 1, 2020: We have a new range of products called MediaLight Mk2 with CRI ≥ 98 (TLCI 99) and a wider range of sizes. The MediaLight Mk2 costs less on a per-meter and accessory basis than the MediaLight Original with better specs. Please check out The MediaLight Mk2 to see if it is a better fit. 

Our most popular model, The MediaLight Flex.  Four meters of ultra-high CRI D65 bias lighting goodness.

Please note: The brand new MediaLight Flex will cover 4 sides on TVs up to 60" and it will cover 3 sides on TVs up to 85" (top, left and right).  If you want 4 sides of coverage on a TV over 60", please buy the Quad (up to 75") or Quad XL (up to 90")

The MediaLight Flex is designed for those situations where you might not know which unit is the best fit. It's the utility player of bias lights. Don't worry, we still use ISF-Certified MediaLight ColorGrade™ phosphors and photon engines. The CCT is still 6500K and the ultra-high CRI is 95 Ra. 

It uses smaller LEDs (3528 versus 5050) for lower power draw so we can create longer lengths without voltage drop.  For those who can't be convinced that "going around the edges" of the TV isn't necessary for a TV on a stand, knock yourselves out!  

...And for wall mounted displays up to 60" you can go around 4 sides.
For wall-mounted displays up to 85" you can go around 3 sides (left, right and top (many people omit the bottom strip when they have a soundbar). 

What does it do compared to a popular competitor?

  • 6500K versus who knows? (usually 6000k-9000k)
  • CRI 95 (versus CRI 73)
  • 4 meters long 
  • 30 LEDs per meter versus 20 
  • ISF-certified versus no certification
  • SMPTE ST 2080-3:2017 Compliant versus noncompliant
  • IR remote with 50 stops (versus buy one that's not included for $12.95)
  • 5 year "anything goes" warranty versus "who knows?" 1 year warranty

What's included in the box?

  • 4 meter MediaLight Flex Strip
  • Total 30 inches of lead wire, including USB switch and dimmer lead
  • USB plug with on/off switch (no AC adapter is included)
  • IR remote and PWM dimmer with 50 stops
  • CRI 95 and 6500K D65 MediaLight ColorGrade™ SMD chips
  • ISF Certified - Tested for Color Accuracy

What are ColorGrade™ Chips? 
Our LED chips are measured in both a lab with an integrating sphere and perpetually matched with a spectrophotometer and an array of photographic sensors. Without perceptual matching, you can have different lights with 6500K that have a vastly different look.  Ever notice how two different displays from different manufacturers, even when properly calibrated, can still look slightly different?  We select our bins of LEDs to maintain accuracy and consistency between production runs. 

Why did we build it?
There are some situations where the Quad is too much power. Maybe the TV is under 65" or maybe you are only lighting 3 sides. Maybe you don't know if your TV ports are USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. Maybe you don't know if you will wall-mount the TV. Maybe you want more options than with the single strip, but you don't want to spend $89 on the Quad. 

We discontinued our Twin when the Quad came out, but still felt that the Quad was too big for some sets. It also seems that cheaper competitors trained customers that "going around the edges" is preferable even when a TV is on a stand. We don't agree with this, but if you don't believe that the cheaper single strip is enough for your TV, this light will give you more options. 

We did not include an AC adapter because the Flex can run on USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. Almost all of our units run on 2.0 except for the Quad, which is about 700 mA.