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MediaLight 6500K Bias Lighting System

Shipping was fast. The item worked perfectly. Dealing with this company is a pleasure. Highly recommended.


Very please with this purchase. After trying another solution, and being very unhappy with the result, I was surprised with the quality and accuracy of the MediaLight 6500K. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Medialight 6500K

Terrific product with superior customer service!!!

Christopher Jiran on Aug 12, 2016

Spot on 6500K bias lighting

I've tried several bias lighting kits and this is by far the closest I have seen to the 6500K spectrum. The included remote lets me adjust the lighting to my specific set up and the whole kit seems high quality. You may need some additional support to attach the lighting and wires. Packing tape worked well for me. If you go with the wall mount set don't get discouraged if the lighting is uneven. Move the strips in from the edge until it's even. For the price this is by far the best bias lighting set on the market while staying true to the 6500K reference. 

Great Control for a Bias Light

This product is smarter than I thought it would be. It has more graduations of light control than I expected which is excellent. I have a 65” which I think is the biggest you would want to go for this size light. I may look to buy another just to cover more of the TV outside perimeter. Overall cool product and great how you can turn it on and off with the remote included

Thanks for the feedback, Chris. However, we do not recommend outlining the perimeter of the TV. The best way to install for diffuse light is posted under our installation instructions. One of our test TV's was 85" and we still had the light at about 30% intensity.

- Bias

This is a pretty good product

The LED Color Temp is just right Love it. The only problem I'm having is with the 3M Sticky- back tape. The back surface of this monitor is not smooth but a little rough and that 3M Tape won't stick for vary long, ( know this from past experiance ). I'll Figure another way to mount the LED strip maybe some extruded alumninum. Once I get it figured out I'll be ordering another strip ( I should have bought 2 to begin with.) This is a 49 in. monitor so 2 strips will be just right. Thanks

Hi, Bryan- Thanks for the feedback! You should be fine with a single strip for a 49 inch monitor, although maybe you have it installed in a difficult location where our twin strip version might have been a better match.  

The adhesive should work on a clean surface, especially if you use the included wire support clips to keep the weight of the USB cables from pulling on the lights. The strips themselves are pretty lightweight. 

- Bias

Excellent Design

Great product for lighter colored or white walls. LED has finally achieved acceptable color quality for this type of application, and at a reasonable cost. This product is the best consumer LED bias light I have yet tested in many years of evaluating similar designs.

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Ideal bias lighting

Easy install, quality components, and the dimmer control rounds out the effective bias lighting experience.

An excellent low cost “upgrade"

ordering: easy as it can get 
quality: better than I had ever hoped 
installation: less than 5 minutes, no need to unmount the display 
calibration: none needed. Two minutes to play around with the remote and explore the settings. Set it to your liking and put the remote away. Totally fool-proof. 
Adjustment to the new lights was very quick. 
The previous lights were a much lower color temp, which mixed with tan walls really threw off the perception of colors on the screen, and everything white or gray seemed to have a cast to it. Now, whites seem very white. Colors pop and the screen appears sharper than before. Its strange but the new LEDs almost wash the color out of the wall. 
user note: my previous backlights also doubled as room illumination, so if thats your current setup you’ll need to add some other lights for ambience and/or safety.

Love it!

Very easy to set up. USB Power allows it to turn on when the tv does. It looks very close to 6500K and seems to improve contrast. Makes viewing TV in a dark room much more comfortable. I always leave it on when watching tv now. The remote with dimmer settings is also perfect. 

Awesome product & service

I did a lot of research  before getting this product and was not dissapointed. I have a 75 inch wall mounted but went with the one long strip. It is flexible enough to be gently curved or looped. The lighting strip  is very well made and offers great features , easy to install and the end results are fantastic! ..this is the real deal for 6500k bias lighting at a very reasonable price.. The customer service provided is also excellent. Answers to questions  were promptly answered and the product  was received within a few days of my order..
Thank you !

No more guess work in looking for a ~6500k solution

I have bought a quite a few various "white" led strips from around the internet in search for an affordable BIAS lighting solution that will work behind my mounted TVs. Many of these strips ended up being too blue, too yellow, or required more juice than my TV could provide, and none provided any dimming capabilities. It is often difficult to evaluate these things based on user photos as they are usually taken with smartphones, and the software tends to adjust the white point to even things out. I never set out to buy bias lights that were so off in color, but it is very difficult to judge what you will end up with based on user review photos. With this in mind, I had a healthy amount of skepticism before receiving this set, but that skepticism went out the window the first time I powered these on. This is the first set of LED lights I've used that looks damn close to what 6500K lights should look like. I don't have anything scientific to judge this, but I do have a lot of LED strips all over the color spectrum to compare them with, and this is by far the best set of LEDs I've purchased for my bias lighting setup. And this one was the first set to include a dimmer at around the same price. I think it is hard to compete with the value that these represent for someone that has realized how picky they are about their lighting.