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About The MediaLight


MediaLight Bias Lighting and BiasLighting.com are focused on creating accurate, true reference quality bias lights at an affordable price. When you purchase any of our lighting systems, you know that it is the same color temperature as the lights used by professional colourists, and the precise reference standards recommended by SMPTE, ISF, Spears & Munsil and other standards organisations. 

  • We use CRI ≥ 98 Ra chips on our MediaLight product range and CRI 99 chips on our MediaLight Pro product range, and both products are perfectly-suited for a professional environment
  • We use color-neutral PCB (circuit boards), to avoid shifts in color temperature
  • We include a certified dimmer with every MediaLight bias light
  • We will fix or replace any broken components for 5 years from date of purchase under our 5 year Limited Warranty