My television is on a wall mount

If your television is on a wall mount, you probably want to go around the edges of the display for a visually-pleasing halo without any shadows from cables, walls or mounting hardware. The products on this page are the best choices for wall mounts. 

If your TV is not flush to the wall, you can pretty much get away with using anything on this page.  Going close to the edges of the TV (2-3") is less vital when you have more distance for the diffusion of light. 

The MediaLight® Flex is a single strip that is 4 meters long.  It can go around the entire edge of a display up to 64" (when placed 2 inches from the edge). It can cover 3 sides on TVs up to 85".  Sometimes this is preferable when there is a sound bar or center speaker mounted on the wall under the TV. 

The MediaLight Flex designed to be powered by the TV via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 and is the utility player of The MediaLight team. Very often, when one model seems like overkill and another seems too small, the Flex is your solution. 

For TVs between 65"-80", we recommend the MediaLight® Quad, which is constructed of 4 strips and a custom 4-way splitter.  It runs off of USB 3.0 power or the included adapter. 

For TVs between 80"-95", we recommend the MediaLight® Quad XL (coming January 14, 2019), which is also constructed of 4 strips, but designed for slightly larger displays where you want to throw more light to the corners.