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USB Power Enhancer

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This is where we tell you that you probably don't need this accessory.

Please note: The USB power enhancer does not make bias lights brighter. Its sole function is to prevent dimmer and strip malfunctions in cases of insufficient amperage.  It is very rare that it is needed with modern displays. 

    • You don’t need the power enhancer for any LG OLED made after 2019 even when using the “USB 2.0” port as the port supplies the requisite 900mA/4.5w (equivalent to USB 3.0)
    • You don’t need the power enhancer for any 1-4 meter MediaLight or LX1 when using an infrared dimmer or flicker-free, even for USB 2.0 500mA ports as those lights do not use more than 500mA at maximum luminance. 
    • You may need the power enhancer when using the Wifi dimmer over USB 2.0 with 500 mA (again, any LG after 2019 supplies 4.5w, which is enough for our 6 meter strips). The WiFi dimmer uses far more power than any of the other dimmer options.
    • You may need the power enhancer if you are using a 5m or 6m LX1 or MediaLight and only have a USB 2.0 port (excluding any LG OLED after 2019). An example of a TV that will not output more than 500mA over USB 2.0 is any Panasonic OLED.  The display will return an error without the power enhancer. These displays are not popular in North America, but are very popular internationally. 

The power enhancer works by combining the power from two USB 2.0 500mA ports into a single 1000mA port. 

All MediaLight products from 1-4 meters long are designed to draw only 500mA or less, even at maximum power (100% on the dimmer). 

All of our products 5-6 meters longer should be powered from USB 3.0 or a USB 2.0 port that supplies 900mA, such as USB 2.0 ports on LG OLEDs made after 2019.