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Happy Holidays from The MediaLight Bias Lighting Team!

Happy Holidays from The MediaLight Bias Lighting Team!

(Notable deals are at the bottom of this page, so scroll down if you don’t care about the other stuff!)

Whichever holidays you celebrate in your country, we hope that you get to spend it surrounded by loved ones and friends. 

We are thankful for so many things this year. First of all, we are thankful that our employees, partners and colleagues are healthy and safe. 

Next, we’re thankful that you’ve found our site!

If you’ve searched popular online marketplaces like Amazon for bias lighting, you’ve undoubtedly walked away confused. Hundreds, if not thousands of weirdly named LED brands with names like HUJTOP, WEEJHOM and GHORMARJE all selling at very low prices. 

Very often, these companies are all essentially selling the same cheap strips, but creating unique brands to take advantage of marketplace algorithms.

In fact, if you buy those products, you might even receive an incentive to write a positive review and end up paying nothing for the product. There are websites dedicated to getting free stuff and companies that are very happy to trade free stuff for reviews. 

That’s not how we do things. We design products that adhere to strict industry standards. We only offer “video white” bias lights, or more specifically, lights that adhere to the CIE Standard Illuminant D65, which is the worldwide standard for display calibration (all consumer displays and the fast majority of professional displays).

So, it says something about our customers; they value accuracy over price, particularly when the price of some other products, after incentives for positive reviews, is sometimes free.

With us, you are paying infinitely more than free, so we need to ensure that our products are infinitely better. And, for the most part, I think that you’ll find that our customers agree that something that does what it is supposed to do is worth infinitely more than something that doesn’t.  

We’ve always said that we’ll never be the cheapest, even though we’ve been able to introduce lower-cost options like our LX1 Bias Lighting System (review). We’ve also said that we’d always increase our prices before making changes that would adversely impact our products. 

Fortunately, we’ve been able to maintain the same pricing through some interesting times. While the cost of inputs has been increasing, the US dollar has been unusually strong. It is possible that a devalued dollar could increase our costs and lead to higher MSRPs next year, but this might also lead to lower MediaLight prices outside of the USA. 

So far, despite significant supply chain disruptions over the last several years, we’ve managed to avoid price increases to our mainstay products. We’ve lowered the cost per meter for our MediaLight Mk2 strips compared to the previous MediaLight Mk1 models. 

As of this writing, we anticipate that we will be able to hold the line on prices into 2023. There are a few products that will be getting spec bumps, and those improvements might result in slightly higher prices, but any increases will only be approved if they offer clear benefits. 

For example, last year, we increased the price of our MediaLight Mk2 Eclipse from $32.95 to $35.95, but we upgraded our dimmer to our Flicker-Free dimmer, which we sell alone on our site for $9.95. It was an improvement that justifies the price increase. 

One of our goals over 2023 is to transition most of our products to flicker-free dimmers or to, at least, offer flicker-free dimmer options for those who want them. We believe that there are ergonomic benefits even for those who don’t suffer from PWM sensitivity. 

Some of these options will come at higher cost, but we will also offer the ability to select from some of our lower-cost dimming options. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this update! We never send any marketing emails (I simply abhor sending or receiving marketing emails. If I buy a hat, I don’t want to receive an email telling me to buy more hats every day at 12:03 pm) so you can only find our new products by checking our site. 

A few notable deals for this Black Friday:

First, everything on our site is subject to an added 15% discount. So, if there’s already a sale price, the 15% will be added on top of it. 

On our Open Box Deals page, we are offering a 5 Meter LX1 for $22.95, and below $20 after Black Friday discounts are automatically applied. This “open box” is not an open box, but a special order of LX1 5m strips that we made using PCB that we used to develop the LX1 line. For those who follow us on Reddit, you may have seen that we started testing the LX1 concept before the pandemic — then we cancelled it — and then we revised it with certain observations that we’d made during lockdown, which gave us time to do additional market testing.

The LEDs are brand new, but you may notice that the LX1 logo on the strip itself is a bit different. It’s just the letters LX1 instead of a stylized logo.

Rather than waste expensive copper without our stylized branding, we figured that we could offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy an awesome, accurate bias light for under $20. And we tossed in a free infrared remote control. They will not last at this price. 

Another notable deal is our 24v “high power” range of Mk2 strips in 5m and 10m lengths. These don’t run on USB power, but are perfect for accent lighting with far brighter maximum brightness levels than our bias light strips. (300 lm PER STRIP maximum 5v for bias lights versus 800 lm PER METER for the 24v versions). They are currently on sale and, until Monday, additional Black Friday discounts will be applied on top of the discounted prices. 

Lastly, we are offering our lowest price ever on Spears & Munsil UHD HDR Benchmark through Monday. Additional Black Friday discounts apply. 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business. One of the huge advantages to eschewing online marketplaces and selling directly to customers is that we are able to find out what you want and, when possible, incorporate your ideas into our next generation of products. 

Warm regards,
Jason Rosenfeld & The MediaLight Team

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